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CNNIC’s mission is to deliver the best creative solutions in the world. So, our success depends on yours. We bring data, business intelligence, distribution and considered creative choices into one smart strategy. Our global brand studio, Create, produces integrated campaigns as a full-service creative agency. Proud of our editorial ethos we come fresh to each client mission - motivated to find the stories that matter.


Switched on engaged audiences 

Expect our work to be thoughtful, nuanced and strategic – designed around key passion points of the highly engaged audiences we can guarantee. We are everywhere consumers are and our portfolio is diverse, offering a new generation of platforms that navigate the increasingly complex way you need to engage with audiences across the globe.  

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Responsive campaigns, progressive results 

Thriving on collaboration with clients and the ever-evolving CNN-TURNER network, no two projects are alike. They launch and progress uniquely across platforms as we monitor and tailor campaigns in real time. 

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Cinematic storytelling

Great Big Story is devoted to optimistic and emotionally resonant cinematic storytelling. Our studios create and distribute micro docs and short films, as well as series for digital, social, TV and theatrical release, partnering with brands to uncover the stories that spotlight their values to our global audience.


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