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Brand South Africa

The challenge 

Brand South Africa wanted to identify and refine the key attributes of South Africa, to enhance the image and reputation of the country, and to promote the nation to an international audience of global investors, decision makers and frequent travellers.

They wanted to achieve these ambitions with campaign bursts around the World Economic Forums in Davos and later in Africa.

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The solution

CNN International developed a multi-platform campaign that ran in two parts around the World Economic Forum in Davos and then later in Africa. Leveraging access to CNN International's affluent and influential audience, the campaign included TV, digital content and an exclusive networking event at Davos.

Part two of the campaign ran to coincide with World Economic Forum Africa with a cross-platform editorial programme 'Africa looks forward' and expansion of the TV campaign to additional markets.


Part one of the campaign included a networking drinks evening at Davos during the World Economic Forum, hosted by Brand South Africa in partnership with CNN. CNN provided host of Quest Means Business, Richard Quest and produced the invitations for this exclusive event.


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Part one
126 thousand

Editorial page views 

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Part one
8.3 million 

Ad impressions

Part two
1.7  million

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Part two
1.1  thousand

TV units

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