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Dubai sought to expand on their reputation as a leading destination for business, commerce and events, specifically targeting those who had never been to Dubai and those who had only ever used Dubai as a stopover.


Utilizing the reach of the CNN platforms, a series of ten videos were produced, highlighting Dubai’s broad culture using their trademark cinematic storytelling to inspire.


The campaign generated additional PR in several publications, such as Dubai InformerArabian Business, and Sport 360. Focusing on specific target markets and utilising CNN’s segmented audience data, it was able to specifically target videos, ensuring 97% of views were from one of the target audiences and 43% were from the target audience ‘never been to Dubai’.

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18m Video views
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201k Social interactions
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97% Target market video views
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52% Specific target audience views

Campaign Deliverables

Strategy & branding 

TASK has a vast amount of experience in this unique field. Looking at a country’s tourism goals they can create a brand to market and a strategy to generate awareness of this new brand. In this case, the brief was to communicate, “an engaging and diverse place for tourists”. 

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The Audience and Insights team at CNNIC have access to years of data on our global audience. Their expertise is used to segment the audiences to find the people most likely to convert. This particular campaign focused on four separate audience groups: never visited Dubai, has used Dubai as a stopover, lives in a destination near Dubai, CNN’s natural global audience. 

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Targeting & PR

Our advanced data capabilities were leveraged in order to implement a 4-part audience-segment that targeted those that had never visited Dubai, CNN travel followers, individuals who used Dubai as a stopover and people who lived in the region. This allowed us to maximise our reach to our intended target audience.

Content was distributed across a range of digital channels with regional press, such as Dubai InformerArabian Business and Sport 360 involved to maximise local target market reach. 

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