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Highlighting India’s vast array of unique experiences

Incredible India is highlighting India's vast array of unique experiences - Image - Woman in field


Building on the brand that Ministry of Tourism India has been developing for several years, they wanted to use CNNIC’s expertise and CNN’s reach to promote the visiting  India globally. Their intent was to position India as a one-stop, safe tourist destination, highlighting the variety of offerings available.


Leveraging CNNIC’s multiplatform expertise, content was created across digital, social and television. Across editorial and commercial content, each piece was designed to complement the other and portray India’s diversity as a tourist destination.

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This campaign had a great impact on the goal of ‘new consumers’ as research following the campaign indicated that over 90% of those who had seen an India advert on CNN previously, agreed that they wanted to find out more and were likely to consider visiting India in the future.

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Campaign Deliverables


CNNIC’s proprietary audience targeting tool AIM was used to identify key segments and helped the team to create content specifically aimed at these segments. Targets were: long-haul travellers, leisure travellers, business travellers, adventure travellers, golf enthusiasts, food enthusiasts, travellers interested in Asia/India, and millennials. 

Incredible India is highlighting India's vast array of unique experiences - Image - Boat on water


Create produced four commercials (with six language versions each) which highlighted key themes – cuisine, golf, fashion and culinary – and showcased the diversity India offers visitors.


An interactive editorial page on CNN Travel, Find Your Perfect India, helped users decide what type of holiday and experiences they would want in India. 

Create produced an immersive branded content site – 15 Reasons Why India Is Incredible. A series of photographic essays covered themes including luxury, adventure, food, culture and wildlife. Online banners on increased visibility and also drove users to the Incredible India YouTube channel where the four TV commercials were also hosted.

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