Highlighting the power of technology to build a better world

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Samsung aimed to inspire audiences to think about how technology helps people overcome challenges in their everyday lives.


CNNIC embarked on one of our boldest and most inspiring cross-platform initiatives to date.  The campaign comprised of editorial sponsorship and ad feature site highlighting the new technologies that enable incredible people to follow their dreams. Across TV, digital and social, the initiative showcased a series of human-centric stories about people who dream big and defy the odds to achieve greatness.

Samsung Dreams Realized - Another Pair of Eyes Advertisement Feature


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81% agreed that after seeing the branded content that Samsung is a socially responsible company
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86% agreed that the branded content told them things about Samsung that they didn’t know before
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84% agreed that the branded content showed the value of Samsung as well as being attention-grabbing

Campaign Deliverables

Digital Sponsorship

The initiative included a sponsored digital hub that hosted a series of human-centric stories and social videos about people who dream big and defy the odds to achieve greatness.

TV Sponsorship

Tech for Good episodes hosted by Kristie Lu Stout aired from August to December, highlighting the power of technology to build a better world.

Branded Content

The ‘Dreams Realized’ ad feature site hosted branded content films produced by Create highlighting Samsung’s commitment to creating purposeful and transformative innovations.


Our social intelligence platform, Launchpad, utilised targeting data from CNN data and insights to reach the most engaged audience and distributed content on Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic towards the digital hub.

Samsung Social campaign using Launchpad

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