Cathy Ibal in The Drum on changing sales propositions

Cathy Ibal speaks with The Drum on how CNN is gearing up a data pitch

Cathy Ibal discusses how today's media sales offering has changed this past year

April 9th, 2021

Cathy Ibal

Cathy Ibal spoke to The Drum about how the modern media sales house offering has evolved, shifting client needs and how we’ve responded with our audience-approach and new products.


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During Ibal's tenure, CNN has shifted from a TV-selling platform to a cross-platform focus that includes TV and digital. In the subsequent years, data insights and programmatic options were layered in, affording more ways than ever to access CNN’s inventory and products. Ibal says it is the role of a great sales team to “simplify the complexity by providing clients with a clear narrative and a single point of access to the audience”.

“We ensure that client campaigns reach the right audience at the right time through a range of sophisticated contextual targeting and semantic tools, first-party data and data partnerships.”

Cathy Ibal, Senior Vice President, Ad Sales EMEA, CNN International Commercial

Publishers now need the right balance of sales, creative, data, strategy and client services functions, she says, adding that you can expect to see them being even more proactive about communicating the value of their premium environments as well as the power of their contextual targeting.

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