CNN and Kirloskar 'Going Green' features in Marketing in Asia.

Kirloskar renews ‘Going Green’ sponsorship

Kirloskar continues long-term partnership with CNN

August 25th, 2020


Going Green


CNN and Kirloskar's 'Going Green' partnership has featured in an article on Marketing in Asia. Read excerpts below and the full article on Marketing in Asia. 

...Kirloskar, India’s leading multi-engineering conglomerate, and CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) are strengthening their long-standing partnership for the 12th consecutive year through the sponsorship of two ‘Going Green’ shows and a range of digital initiatives focused on green issues.

“The sponsorship and advertising campaign aligns Kirloskar with topical and compelling content about the environment on CNN International TV, digital and social platforms.”

Marketing in Asia

The ‘Going Green’ shows sponsored by Kirloskar will air on CNN International in July and December focusing on environmental game-changers who have been working on green solutions to better the world, applying innovation to solve some of the biggest environmental challenges. The shows will reveal moments from eco-inventors who have created technology beneficial for sustainability. Read the article here.