CNN Business Editors Note

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CNN Business Editors Note

By Jason Farkas, GM of CNN Business

To understand business in 2018, you have to recognize that every company is — in some way, shape or form — a tech company.

The rapid pace of technological change has established a new generation of leaders and humbled entire industries. Innovation is forcing CEOs and workers to adapt. It is changing the playing field for investors, titans of media and entertainment, and governments worldwide. It's creating tremendous opportunity, while triggering unintended consequences, across the global economy.

At CNN Business we're living the story we're covering — and transforming how we will cover the future.

This new destination covers the companies, personalities, and innovations that are driving business forward. We're examining the ethics, strategy and leadership of corporate titans on the cutting edge. We're delivering exclusive interviews with newsmakers — and leading the way on big ideas in careers, the future of work and markets. 

Explore thoughts from our leading-edge contributors in the new Perspectives vertical a destination for thought-provoking takes on the future of business from those leading it. And don’t miss the new Success section of CNN Business which heralds achievement in careers, leadership, and strategy by digging in on how we can all explore entrepreneurship, chart our career path, and translate wealth into happiness.

Across CNN Business, we're doubling-down on live coverage of global markets, using new storytelling tools to bring data to life. In high impact, visually stunning stories we're diving-deep on the strategies, innovations and personalities driving business forward through new franchises: 

- Center Piece: A weekly deep dive feature, ranging from profiles of emerging business leaders, industry trends, and investigative looks at the most consequential companies around the world.

- Leading Indicator: Through premium video and detailed infographics and articles, this series provides crucial context to the market’s pertinent data points and trends, arming investors with what they need to know.  

- Risk Takers: A definitive list of leaders making the boldest bets in Business. The editors of CNN Business are identifying the risk takers who took a gamble – and changed their company, industry, and the future of business. This annual list of influencers will be revealed over the course of a month-long multiplatform experience.

- ‘United States of Amazon’:  A multi-part reporting initiative on Amazon. Ten angles and exclusives over a week about how America’s most ambitious company is changing every aspect of our lives and economy.

With a new look, a new focus, and a new mission CNN Business is well on its way. Join us on this journey.