CNN International in Adweek

CNN in Adweek on how to reach decision-makers

Adweek looks at how global publishers shift how they work with partners as the world opens up

May 26th, 2021

As markets around the world start reopening, CNN is getting out in front to reach decision-makers about the recovery. The WarnerMedia brand is doing so by expanding CNN International’s CNN Marketplace across regions and platforms. By adding more inventory in TV and digital, CNN International aims to add more to its bottom line, capitalizing on ad recovery. 

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“We have demand, and now on the client-advertiser side specifically, there has been a very big increase in the volume of proposals.”

Cathy Ibal, Senior Vice President, Ad Sales EMEA, CNN International Commercial

Later this month, CNN Marketplace Asia and CNN Marketplace Europe will begin airing on CNN International, with CNN Marketplace Middle East to launch later in the year, joining long-running weekly show CNN Marketplace Africa and several other daily shows. 

The upswing in ad budgets flowing to publishers since the second half of last year is continuing. But shortened sales cycles, fears of new virus variants and a still volatile ad market has made future forecasting even harder to pin down, leaving some execs uncertain how many proposals will convert to campaigns.

Publishers are refitting themselves around a sales process that works for how the pandemic changed existing processes. For CNN International, that meant introducing a new layer of client services to manage its top 25 clients, which represent a big chunk of revenue.  

“Clearly there is a rebound; 2022 will be strong,” Ibal said. “The CMO and other senior people have been more available to have discussions about media, campaigns and their reparation,” she added. “What has changed forever is on the reputation side. You are what you do—action has become more and more important.” 

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