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CNN Reach

By Leo Urushibata, Director of Content Partnerships and Optimisation, CNN International Commercial

CNN’s audience is adventurous, fascinated and curious. For example - compared to the average social media user, people who follow CNN Travel are 9 times more likely to be interested in backpacking and South East Asia. They are interested in the latest architectural feats, the newest technological launches, and the complex business of moving people and connecting places. CNN Business followers are 12 times more likely to be interested in charity and causes, demonstrating that alongside daily market updates they also wish to be informed about how business and economic activities impact our societies as a whole.

We have a deep understanding of our audiences and their interests which span travel, business, style, sport, health and entertainment, as well as global news. CNN’s innovative storytelling is reaching millions worldwide on 35 different platforms – from Amazon Alexa and Instagram to wearable tech.

By appealing to millions of people across multiple devices and through the knowledge of our audience and their behaviours, our data-driven approach allows us to understand more about what people want, who reads what and how it makes them feel.

All this comes together in CNN Reach, which we launched earlier this year, to combine our compelling content with our smart data-driven distribution tools. The result? Relevant content delivered to the right audience at the right time, and on the most suitable platform.

In a complex media landscape where there is almost infinite inventory and information overload, CNN Reach specializes in data and analytics to offer a simple solution and a brand-safe environment, on and off CNN platforms with other premium publishers, to help encourage meaningful engagement with campaigns.