CNNIC SVP Rob Bradley interview with Digiday

Digiday interviews CNNIC SVP Rob Bradley

‘Blockers are an industry stopper’: CNN sharpens its contextual tool for the brand safety fight

August 25th, 2020



CNNIC SVP Rob Bradley spoke to Digiday about how CNN’s contextual targeting and sentiment analysis tools ensure brand suitability for advertisers, helping to align with the most relevant content and improve campaign performances. 

Read excerpts below and the full article on Digiday.

...CNN’s Sentiment Analysis Moderator, dubbed SAM, uses neuro-linguistic artificial intelligence to determine the context and sentiment behind web pages to understand when content is brand-suitable. It scans all content types on CNN’s properties — CNN had over 252 million global monthly unique visitors in April, per Comscore — including text, speech to audio, video and galleries. Once scanned, it rates how positive that content is on a five-point scale, based on how suitable it is for an advertiser’s list of keywords.  

“We need to be cognizant about brands aligning with the content and message they want to tell.”

Rob Bradley, SVP, CNNIC

CNN has moved to improve its contextual ad tool in order to yield better returns for its advertisers and, in turn, drive more revenue. You can read the article here.