Faisal Karmali on the future of publishers

Faisal Karmali comments on the future identity for publishers

CNNI's Senior Global Director of Business Operations features in The Drum to discuss the new future of personalized advertising

April 9th, 2021

Karmali commented on the removal of the third-party cookie, alternative targeting solutions and CNN's proprietary and semantics tools.

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Many publishers do have preparations well underway to adopting stable and long-lasting alternatives [to third-party cookies], which will redefine the image of the internet as a safe medium for consumers. As our industry evolves, so are the strategies for alternative targeting solutions around first-party data, contextual tools and the value of other non-PII data signals.

“As a publisher, we have been using data-based and contextual targeting in tandem for some time.We have built our own contextual engine on the back of that, which analyses the context of sentences across text, audio, video and galleries using neuro-linguistic AI.”

Faisal Karmali, Senior Global Director of Business Operations, CNN International

Publishers are in a unique position as our industry enters a phase of customer-centric transformation. Publishers have the advantage of access to two highly valuable components: their audience and their audience’s consented data.

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