CNN Audio launches three new podcasts

CNN Audio Diversifying podcast

September 30, 2021

CNN Audio continues to expand its podcast programming with the launch of three exciting new projects; Diversifying, Tug of War, and Breaking News Alerts.

Fostering insightful discussions about how the financial system can work for us, instead of against us, Diversifying host Delyanne Barros creates a space for people who have traditionally been left out of conversations around personal finance, and who are often faced with the challenge of balancing cultural expectations against their own financial needs.

In its first season, Tug of War took listeners to the most volatile corners of the world to document some of the greatest power struggles of our time—a mission that now feels more relevant than ever. In a special open-ended season, CNN reporters both here and on the ground offer us historical, political, and social context for the Russia/Ukraine conflict in a way that only CNN can. 

In addition, from the team behind CNN’s 5 Things, you can now find CNN’s Breaking News Alerts to your favorite podcast app. This audio version of CNN’s breaking news alerts offer podcast listeners a more contextualized understanding of breaking news.

Read more and listen to CNN’s podcasts here.

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