DBS and CNN’s campaign exploring digitalization and sustainability

We are delighted to be partnering with DBS for the third consecutive year as we create an inspiring campaign to tell stories that are vital for a better tomorrow. With powerful storytelling and innovative branded content production focusing on important topics like digitalisation and sustainability, we look forward to provoking thoughts and inspiring positive action among CNN’s global audiences.

Rob Bradley, Senior Vice President, CNN International Commercial

November 1, 2022

DBS and CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) are collaborating for an advertising and sponsorship campaign focused on digitalization, sustainability and social causes that will engage CNN International’s audiences across TV, digital and social platforms.

As part of the campaign, DBS is the exclusive sponsor of two half-hour ‘Inventing Tomorrow’ shows which aired on CNN International in September and October. The third season of ‘Inventing Tomorrow’ is hosted by CNN International correspondent Blake Essig and showcases how companies around the world are inventing new ways to tackle the growing climate challenges.

In addition, ‘Truly Transformative’, is a branded content series being produced by CNNIC’s award winning global brand studio Create that offers insights into DBS’ commitment as a different kind of bank for this post-pandemic world. The series comprises of four branded films that will showcase how the bank’s pioneering banking and digital solutions have helped different stakeholders through challenging periods of their businesses.

Read the full press release here.

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