NAOS and CNN discover the science behind aging

This partnership will not only emphasize the importance of NAOS research and innovation in the skincare industry, but also inspire and educate healthcare and skincare enthusiasts around the world. We are eager to actively be part of the ongoing conversation about the latest developments in this dynamic sector for CNN.

Cathy Ibal, Senior Vice-President, CNN International Commercial

February 2, 2023

NAOS, a global independent skincare company (Bioderma, Institut Esthederm, Etat Pur), and CNN International Commercial announce their first-ever collaboration on a branded content campaign focused on NAOS AGING SCIENCE research. The campaign, entitled “Proteome Paradigm: The New Science of Aging”, will engage CNNIC’s audiences across digital and social platforms and will showcase NAOS’s exclusive research leading to a groundbreaking scientific discovery on the primary causes of aging.

The digital campaign features interviews and quotes from the event speakers on a digital branded content hub produced by Create, CNNIC’s in-house studio. The dedicated site will provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise on aging from acclaimed geneticists, molecular biologists, professors and the director of Sussex Neuroscience.

Read the full press release here.

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