State of the Race returns to CNN International with anchor Kasie Hunt

Our mission here is to go into the heart of the stories shaping the election by connecting our viewers with the sharpest analysts, the most connected pollsters and campaign insiders, and the big names making the news

Kasie Hunt, Anchor and Chief National Affairs Analyst

September 26, 2023

As the 2024 US presidential election heats up, State of the Race is returning to CNN International with Kasie Hunt taking global audiences right to the heart of what promises to be a momentous race to the White House. The programme is set to premier on September 27 at 11am ET, 5pm CET as part of a new CNN International lineup.

Additionally, CNN International is making additional enhancements to its weekday lineup, with Bianna Golodryga joining Zain Asher as co-anchor of a refreshed One WorldConnect the World with Becky Anderson has also been moved, reaching audiences in the Middle East and beyond an hour earlier.

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