John Malone in The Drum’s “So You Want My Job?” series

John Malone Senior director and chief creative officer, Create brand studio

A great story takes time and effort to bring to life. It takes a team of strategists, storytellers, designers and researchers to make a campaign, but the pay-off really is seeing all that hard work come together in an experience that people want to engage with over and over.

John Malone, Senior Director and Chief Creative Officer of Create, CNN International Commercial

June 11, 2021

The Drum spoke to John Malone, senior director and chief creative officer of Create, about his philosophies, inspirations, processes and experiences.

Read excerpts below and the full interview here.

The Drum: What did you want to be when you growing up? Does your job now resemble that in any way?

John Malone: I wanted to make films, commercials, animations. I was inspired by the way the movies and cartoons and the ads I watched made me feel. The visuals, the music and the way all of this was folded together into a story defined me as a kid.

My time at Turner Classic Movies was most aligned with the film dream, but I would say CNN has allowed me to really stretch my legs in the creation of campaigns and storytelling for brands.

TD: OK, so what do you actually do? How would you explain your job to a taxi driver?

John Malone: We build websites, make documentaries. We make over half the content you see in the commercial space on CNNIC. I lead the agency that makes campaigns for brands that speak to CNN’s audience. When you watch CNN you expect news, right? Our content isn’t always news, but it is always informative and inspiring.

TD: What would you say is the trait that best suits you for your role?

John Malone: I never stopped being curious. I want to know as much about everything as I can. Every campaign or conversation is an opportunity to expand my understanding on a topic or situation.

Read the full interview here.

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