Martin Laing Discusses Collaboration During Covid

Create’s Martin Laing has authored a column in Campaign magazine

CNN showcases a different way to create and collaborate during Covid

September 30th, 2020


Martin Laing, Director of Production and Global Executive Producer, CNN Create

Create's Director of Production & Global Executive Producer Martin Laing discusses CNN's innovative approach to creation and collaboration in order to deliver campaigns during Covid.


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Change brings about fresh ideas and new ways of working. Brands need to embrace the challenge to deliver the content that consumers want warns Martin Laing, Director of Production & Global Executive Producer, Create Brand Studio, CNN International Commercial.


“We’ve also spent a lot of time on research and strategy to consider how consumers see brands now and evaluating how brands should be communicating to strike the right tone”

Martin Laing, Director of Production & Global Executive Producer, Create

In the past six months brand strategies, messaging, and the role of branded content have changed dramatically. That’s certainly something we’ve experienced at CNN with our clients around the world. We’ve always had a consultative approach at Create but this year it has become even more important, as brands strive to ensure the relevance and tone of their campaigns. Inclusivity, representation, and thoughtful language must be tastefully and sensitively included in all branded content if it is to be effective.

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