November Programme Highlights

November Programme Highlights

This month’s programming highlights include Business Traveller, The Global Energy Challenge, and Begging for Change: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary

November 18th, 2019

Iconic Hanoi
Saturday 2nd November at 0830 ET/ 1230 GMT, 1130 ET/ 1530 GMT, 1630 ET/ 2030 GMT and 2230 ET
Sunday 3rd November at 0230 GMT and 0830 ET/ 1330 GMT
Monday 4th November at 0330 ET/ 0830 GMT
Tuesday 5th November at 1230 ET/ 1730 GMT

Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam, one of the Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies. Join CNN to explore Vietnam’s capital in the realms of style, business, technology and the environment – capturing elements iconic to the city and looking at how they have evolved.

The programme follows a sustainable fashion designer using traditional techniques in her designs and an architectural firm incorporating the traditional industry of agriculture to the shape the city.

It also explores the growing importance of the “Made in Vietnam” label at the country’s leading smartphone company, the rise of electric motorbikes and scooters, as well as a social enterprise helping underprivileged youth find success in the hospitality world.

Business Traveller
Wednesday 6th November at 0330 ET/ 0830 GMT and 1230 ET/ 1730 GMT
Saturday 9th November at 0130 ET/ 0630 GMT and 1430 ET/ 1930 GMT
Sunday 10th November at 0600 ET/ 1100 GMT
Saturday 16th November at 0730 ET/ 1230 GMT and 2030 ET
Sunday 17th November at 0130 GMT, 0130 ET/ 0630 GMT and 1430 ET/ 1930 GMT

This month’s Business Traveller explores stopover cities. Stopovers are extended layovers – normally referred to as a break in connecting flights of more than 24 hours – and can be anything from a weekend away to just enough time for a bucket-list adventure.

Icelandair has been working to attract stopover travellers for decades. CNN’s Anna Stewart travels to Iceland to see how they are attracting stopover travellers making their way from the U.S./Canada to Europe.

Anna later meets up with Richard Quest to talk more about how business travellers can take advantage of this popular scheme and they consider some other travel destinations that would make good stopovers.

The Global Energy Challenge
Thursday 7th November at 0330 ET/ 0830 GMT, 0930 ET/ 1430 GMT and 1530 ET/ 2030 GMT
Saturday 9th November at 0830 ET/ 1330 GMT
Monday 11th November at 0330 ET/ 0830 GMT
Tuesday 12th November at 1230 ET/ 1730 GMT

Blessed with natural resources, America is the world’s leading oil and natural gas producer and currently drives supply growth. It will continue to do so for the next five years, fundamentally re-shaping the energy landscape worldwide. For now, it has changed America’s geopolitical standing and energy security.  But a shift is expected. As these gains show signs of sputtering, a few individual states, rather than national government are set to embrace the inevitable changes ahead.

John Defterios heads to Texas to examine how the shale and gas boom has impacted the main industry players and their response to future-proofing their sector. During a journey across California, he visits those leading the energy transformation in City Hall and Silicon Valley.

In Washington DC, the home of political power, Defterios discusses how the U.S. wrestles with its energy strategy and in New York, he walks on Wall Street with the financial community to investigate where the money is flowing in the energy markets.

Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Saturday 9th November at 0730 ET/ 1230 GMT and 2030 ET
Sunday 10th November at 0130 GMT, 0130 ET/ 0630 GMT and 1430 ET/ 1930 GMT
Wednesday 13th November at 0430 ET/ 0830 GMT and 1230 ET/ 1730 GMT
Saturday 16th November 0130 ET/ 0630 GMT, 1430 ET/ 1930 GMT
Sunday 17th November at 0730 ET/ 1230 GMT

This month’s Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta investigates aging.

Across the world, lifespans are lengthening – and as we continue to live longer, we’re also seeing an increase in age-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia. What does it mean to age safely, and on our own terms?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores innovative and inspiring approaches to caring for both our loved ones and ourselves as we age — from a barber catering to dementia patients in Belfast to the benefits of art and creativity for the elderly.

Begging for Change: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary
Saturday 9th November at 0230 ET/ 0730 GMT, 1730 ET/ 2230 GMT
Sunday 10th November at 1230 ET/ 1730 GMT and 2130 ET
Monday 11th November at 0230 GMT
Thursday 14th November at 0330 ET/ 0830 GMT and 1230 ET/ 1730 GMT

The CNN Freedom Project exposes a shocking reality in Senegal: tens of thousands of young boys forced into the streets, required to beg, every day. Most of them live far away from home, sent by their parents to daaras, religious schools, to learn the Quran. In fact, many end up living in squalor, without food or medical care or even a roof over their head.

Working with the Kulczyk Foundation, CNN shines a light on one Senegalese man who has devoted his life to saving these boys and changing the mentality of people who have allowed this abuse to become a part of the culture and everyday life in his country.

Call to Earth – Ted Turner: Captain Planet
Saturday 23rd November at 2100 ET
Sunday 24th November at 0200 GMT, 0700 ET/ 1200 GMT, 1500 ET/ 2000 GMT, 2200 ET
Monday 25th November at 0300 GMT

Long before the words “climate change” were part of our everyday vocabulary, Ted Turner was sounding the alarm. Over the course of this hour-long CNN special hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, those who know Ted and his environmental work best – from Al Gore, Jane Fonda, and Bill Gates; to his own family and Ted himself – will paint the picture of a Ted Turner often lost in the headlines, but no less important.