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Partnering with leading brands from different industries over many years, we have built up a wealth of sector specific expertise.

Explore the content below to see how CNN could help your brand reach its target audiences.


We have long provided travel brands and tourist boards with compelling ways of connecting with our valuable well-travelled audiences. Offering a wealth of related content and formats spanning TV, digital and social channels, we appeal to the travel curious from across the world. 

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Business and finance 

Analysis of the biggest stories affecting global business, combined with in-depth regional coverage and programming ensure CNN attracts affluent business leaders from across the world seeking a trustworthy source and a global perspective. 

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CNN attracts tech savvy audiences from across the globe who view comprehensive coverage of the latest trends, companies and stories in the world of technology as a logical and desirable extension of CNN’s news agenda.




Offering unrivalled access to affluent and influential audiences who have long trusted CNN, we provide high quality opportunities for luxury brands to align around complementary content and engaging formats.



CNN attracts global audiences interested in all things auto, from luxury super cars and classic cars to the very latest technology driving vehicle development.  With narrative rich visual content that provides depth and insight, we offer compelling advertising and sponsorship environments for auto brands to reach and inspire relevant audiences across the world. 

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