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From informing our editorial and branded content solutions through to the marketing strategy and the continual optimization of your campaign, data is at the heart of everything we do

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Precise audience intelligence

With the ability to target and reach customers at scale, we have developed innovative ways to unlock new pathways for our clients.

We define CNN audiences by their attitudes, interests, and behaviors. This segmentation both fuels and refines the entire creative process.

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Index 113 36% University degree or higher
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Index 104 64% Generation Y & Z
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Index 130 33% Business decision makers
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Index 130 36% Own 3+ investments

Your expert partner

We have a deep and enriched knowledge of our global audience and in turn, provide content that is both relevant and meaningful. With the ability to build both credibility and favor through trust, our partnership ensures an effective campaign that delivers results.

Data-informed creativity

Crunching the numbers

Take a look at the figures behind our success

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76% agree that CNN has unique depth of analysis and content
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75% agree that CNN is relevant to them
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90% agree that CNN helps them understand what’s going on in the world today

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