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Commercials and sponsor credit formats for CNN International and CNN Espanol. These specs are for delivery to the CNN International Media Center only. However, CNN International clients may use these specs and delivery methods if they also run a commercial on CNN US/Domestic feed. These will be passed to the relevant Operations team in the US.

Tech spec - TV
Ad Specs

File TypeQuicktime (.mov) We DO NOT accept .avi, Windows Media, image sequence files, or MPEG2
CodecsApple Pro Res 422 (preferred), Apple Pro Res 444, XDCAM HD422, IMX 525
Frame Rates24, 25, 29.97 and 30
HD Aspect Ratio1920×1080 (preferred), 1440×1080, 1280×720
SD Aspect Ratio720×576, 720×486. Pillar boxed when displayed on HD feed
AudioAll major formats accepted. Full mix across two channels

The video file should contain these elements in this order:
1. 20 seconds of colour bars and tone.
2. Slate (page of text with the advertiser, commercial title, ISCI/clock number, duration, and product) lasting 5-10 seconds.
3. A few seconds of black between slate and commercial.
4. Commercial duration must be divisible by five seconds to the exact frame (i.e. 30 seconds or 35 seconds but NOT 31 seconds).
5. Ten seconds of black after the commercial.

Audio may be encoded in any major format and should be a full mix across two channels. The final on-air playout will be a full mono mix: both channels identical. The commercial message must be in English unless it is airing on our Spanish language feeds. Portuguese is acceptable on CNNI Latin America feed for local cable breaks. Audio levels should be on an analogue meter, average -3 VU and peaking at +1 or +2 VU. On a digital meter, this would be averaging around -21 dB and peaking at -17 dB.

Electronic transfer is the preferred method of receiving commercials.  Please contact for access to a free web application to upload your commercial file(s).

Billboards/Sponsorship Credits
These materials and their instructions may be emailed to

IBM (PC) compatible EPS or JPEG. Should be clean logo. Please provide 05 agency script tagline. Complete billboard will consist of: 05 programme text plus: 05 agency script, totalling: 10. If providing moving billboard/sponsorship credits (see requirements for commercial tape format), it must be ready to air, and HD is preferable. You may send video, but the billboard cannot be edited or cut directly from commercial spots. Creative must be exactly 10 seconds with no voice-over.

Traffic/Copy Instructions
All instructions should be written in English and specify the following: Network, Advertiser, Product, Title, Clock Number or ISCI Code, Length, Flight dates. Instructions should be sent to your local sales contacts. 

Commercial media and copy instruction must be received five business days in advance of first air date. Billboards/sponsor credits must be received seven business days in advance of first air date.

After commercial or billboard material is received it is held in our local archive. All archived materials are destroyed 90 days after last air date unless otherwise instructed. 

Advertising Compliance
All advertising/billboards/sponsorship credits must comply with all applicable legislation and regulations, including the rules of Ofcom and the Independent Television Commission (ITC) for content airing in Europe. Turner reserves the right to reject any copy that does not comply. The broadcast of all advertisements/billboards/sponsorship credits on CNN International is subject to Turner’s standards and practices regarding the acceptability of advertising. Questions concerning the acceptability of content should be sent to