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Access Bank wanted to change the global narrative about Africa, connecting the world to the continent by celebrating the dynamism and creativity of African talents.


We developed a multi-platform campaign centered around the exclusive sponsorship of Africa Avant-Garde, a new CNN feature showcasing innovators and creators working in art, design, music, film and fashion. Across editorial and commercial, the content was designed to complement both segments and maximize global appeal through targeted audience reach.

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745k Page views
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2.1m Banner impressions
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1.7m Digital impressions
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2.4m Social video views

Campaign Deliverables

Editorial Sponsorship

Sponsorship was rolled out across TV, digital and social. On TV, Access Bank held sponsorship of Africa Avant-Garde segments and sponsored vignettes. They had digital sponsorship of a dedicated online hub with 100% share-of-voice (SOV) and content was further extended across social.

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Promotion played a key part in this campaign, with content posted on CNNI’s social handles to engage with a wider off-platform audience. Our proprietary software, Launchpad, was used to amplify the impact.

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