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Fujitsu Uvance, which offers sustainable technology solutions to businesses, set out on a mission to create a better world with a more sustainable future. To do this they needed to raise awareness and engage senior decision makers, position themselves as a leader in sustainability, and emphasise their core values.


CNNIC’s award-winning in-house brand studio, Create, executed a 7-month audio, digital and social thought leadership campaign illustrating Fujitsu Uvance’s commitment to sustainability. The campaign targeted senior business decision makers and future leaders across 15 key markets.


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Campaign Deliverables


In a CNN first, Create, produced a seven-episode podcast series, “Forward, Better.” The series, hosted by Professor Hannah Fry, brings a collective of industry pioneers together to discuss the secrets of a successful sustainability transformation.


Create produced a comprehensive four-part video series titled “Mastering the Art of Sustainability Transformation”, which brought a network of pioneers together to reveal the secrets of a successful sustainability transformation. This illuminating series, housed on a digital hub, showcased the expertise of notable individuals including Terry Paule, Taichi Kuma, Prof. Jacqueline Alderson, and Neeka Mashouf.


The campaign involved a well-thought-out media distribution strategy that covered CNN’s various channels, including online platforms and social media accounts. Create produced captivating branded content, designed for easy consumption, that highlighted Fujitsu Uvance’s core principles and technological solutions. The content provided actionable insights tailored to the ever-changing business landscape.

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