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Dangote wanted to drive global awareness of its brand by showcasing its dedication to empowering and improving the quality of lives across the African continent.

Dangote also wanted to increase consumer engagement with its brand in key markets across Africa, Asia, and the US.


Our solution was a branded content cross-platform campaign. There were four key pillars: CNN editorial sponsorship, branded content and an advertising campaign. Dangote Industries featured across TV, digital and social. A bespoke ad feature page was also created.

The campaign focused on stories told by real people and the connections they have with each other, navigated by Dangote Industries.

Dangote Farm to Table feature on CNN.com


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26+ m Digital ad impressions
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93% Positive emotional response
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153k Ad feature page views

Campaign Deliverables

CNN Editorial Sponsorship

Sponsorship was rolled out across TV, digital and social. On TV, Dangote held sponsorship of Marketplace Africa Profit Point segments and sponsored vignettes. They had digital sponsorship of a dedicated Marketplace Africa online hub with 100% share-of-voice (SOV) and Marketplace Africa content was also extended across social.

Image - Dagnote Social Marketplace Africa

Branded Content: Farm to Table

A character-driven commercial film was produced, which highlighted Dangote’s role in the lives of real people. A bespoke ad feature page was created, and content was promoted on social to extend reach and drive users to the ad feature page.

Dangote sponsor content site Farm to Table on CNN.com

Brand Campaign

A bespoke brand campaign extended campaign reach and shared Dangote’s key messages with CNN’s global audience. US Domestic feed aired 30s Dangote Corporate TVC to ensure the Dangote brand established a US presence. This included digital ads, social posts, a 30s Dangote corporate TVC, and a 15s Aliko Dangote Foundation fact file.

Image - Dangote Social Instagram Screenshot CNN Create Post

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