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Raising awareness among climate experts and BDMs

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Copernicus wanted to increase awareness and consideration for its data services and products among climate experts and business decision-makers.


We implemented a data-based campaign concentrated around our climate change TV and digital coverage, examining the innovations leaders need to understand, adapt and prepare for the future.

To maximise engagement with the core audience of experts, as well as environmentally-conscious visitors, we developed an intricate cross-platform approach with numerous points of entry to engage with the content.

CNN Monthly Climate Report with Chad Myers using Copernicus Climate Change Service


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Campaign Deliverables


We designed a thought leadership series that Copernicus could associate with to start, and lead, conversations about the future trends of climate change and its data offerings.

This approach worked to cement the understanding that Copernicus can support decision-makers with enhanced atmospheric environmental information.

ECMWF Copernicus Monthly Climate Report


We partnered with Copernicus to deliver air quality forecasts provided by its monitoring technology (CAMS) and distributed across CNN feeds.

Through our coverage, we delivered analysis designed to raise awareness amongst experts and make climate and atmosphere data engaging and relevant to the daily lives of the CNN audience.

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