Showcasing the versatility of sake

JFOODO scallops and Sake


JFOODO wanted to highlight the importance of sake in the culinary world by creating the perception and understanding among CNN’s audience that sake accompanies seafood meals.


We created a brand campaign focused on the multiplatform sponsorship of the flagship ‘Culinary Journeys’ feature. The sponsorship highlighted the chefs reimagining the union between global cuisine, particularly seafood dishes, and Japanese sake.

CNNIC also collaborated with JFOODO for the dedicated sponsor content site produced by the Create Brand Studio showcasing two original films speaking to the people who are passionate about celebrating its nuanced flavours.

Sake bottles on CNN's Culinary Journeys programme sponsored by JFOODO


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1.7m Sponsor content site views
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4.6m Digital ad impressions

Campaign Deliverables

TV Sponsorship

On TV, JFOODO sponsored the five-episode ‘Culinary Journeys: Sake’ series explored the world of sake by celebrating its nuanced flavours suitable for pairing with non-Japanese cuisine. In addition, 60-second vignettes were cut from the segments & brand films and aired across feeds.

Sponsor Content Site

The bespoke site hosted ‘Escape the Ordinary’, two Create-produced films shedding light on the story of sake, told by a master sake sommelier and a world-renowned chef. The content sought to give insight into the world of sake and the exquisite addition they provide to any culinary experience.

Case study - JFOODO Showcasing the versatility of sake


Content was distributed on CNN’s social handles to target the most engaged audience off-platform using our proprietary social intelligence platform, Launchpad, to drive traffic to the digital hub.

Image - JFOODO Social Escape the Ordinary - CNN Travel

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