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Highlighting the vision ‘Old Meets New’

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Tokyo wanted to increase the number of travellers considering the city as their next destination. This was a global campaign, with a focus on highlighting the Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau’s “Old Meets New” vision. The target audience for this campaign were Affluent Travellers.

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In our post-campaign survey, 88% of campaign recallers agreed that the TV campaign “arouses my interest in experiencing Tokyo”. With over 1,400 TV spots during the campaign, it’s not surprising that 89% of campaign recallers agreed that the TV campaign “enhances my overall impression of Tokyo as a vacation destination”.

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1400 TV Spots

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The concept of “Old Meets New” makes a focal point of the rich cultural history of Tokyo, which dates back to the Edo period. A unique cultural mix of modern and traditional, Tokyo is the perfect place to experience history alongside modern convenience. 89% of campaign recallers agreed that “Tokyo is where modern and traditional culture coexist”.

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